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dimanche 26 mars 2017

How to grow your following on twitter 101

You read it right ! We will give you all the tips to get started your twitter account and get you more followers !

*Wait... isn't this guy trying to scam me* that's what's on your head right now ! May be it is, maybe it isn't. I can only show you the way I did it. It worked for me and now I have over 700 followers. Doesn't sound too big ? Indeed ! I'm still growing up the followers ! I'm going to show you how I got all these followers and how you can do the same following the good path. I can't promise you you'll get more and more followers. Indeed I lied for the title sake. Instead, what I will give you will boost your twitter account by enhancing it !

I'll explain you how I managed to get these followers, no more, no less. If you already have an amazing amount of followers this post isn't for you. If you want to federate a part of your community : keep reading.

Create an attractive profile

a) An amazing icon. Most of the brand use their logo, other random people use random pictures they find cool. But you aren't like these. Just use a picture of yourself at your best. It may be related to your work or what you share on twitter. Don't be shy, you have to express what you want others to feel in you when you are tweeting. This icon is the best way to share who you are using a nice pictures. You don't need to take hundred and hundred of photos. Just one which stand out. I'm sure you already have this picture. Just update the last one !

b) An outstanding background. Your background is where you show people what you are doing. It can contain many things :

  • References
  • Website
  • Videos link
  • Pictures
  • Photo of yourself
  • Presentation of your brand
  • Link to sale page
  • Much more if you have what we call imagination
meme imagination
Just use it !

The background is what strikes the most when you search for a twitter account about one subject. All you have to do is to make it flashy. It shall always stand out in the mass of all the others background pictures. That's when you'll do it that you'll catch people eyes. You can also use a meme to add an humorous ton.

c) A flashy color. When people land on your twitter page they will only see 3 things that differentiate it from others  : Your picture, your background image and the colour you are using. This color must be in harmony with your theme as it will be shown everywhere on your page. All the #hashtags and links will be displayed on this color.

d) A specific theme. Did you notice something ? For each big twitter account there is a theme. These account always speak about the same subject in different manner every day of every years. They give value on those topics because they are experts on them. That's why they can speak about them all day long. What does this mean ? You'll have to stick to a theme which you'll define on your bio or on the background picture. This theme isn't what you enjoy doing. It's what other people tell you that you are good at it. If no one told you that you are crazy about this or good at this, then change topics !

What are you sharing ?

You want people to follow you ? So ask yourself why do you follow other people ? Easy !

  • They share great content
  • They share about your passion
  • They speak directly to you
  • You know them
  • You want to learn about them

Now you know on what you have to work !

a) They share great content. What do we mean using "great" ? This content must give value to the reader. It's something that he may have already thought but didn't internalize or something which you find fun. The goal is to share an information using less than 140 letters while letting the message be understandable. On twitter I recommand you to use quotations related to your subjects, infographics or quick knowledge to keep readers interested in you.

b) How much do you share ? On twitter you can share a lot of content quickly. You don't have to think a lot to find something interesting to share so just do it when something strike you. You're walking, you see a good idea. You transmit. There's no such thing on posting X tweets per day to get a massive flow of followers. What's sure is that if you don't give tweets to your followers they won't follow your account.

meme time
We are all "On time"

jeudi 23 mars 2017

The « how to » guide to rule the world using pinterest

Link to a pinterest guide
And more ;)

Why are we using social networks to build our sites ?

As you know, we must use social networks to build our following list. Why do we want a following list ? In order to get views on your websites you need to show others consistent content. You want them to want to see your site as a sanctuary. Your viewers come there to have an answer to their question which you give away for free. If they don’t find it on your websites, they’ll find it for free on another part of the web. Just make your site up to give them informations. To find these informations they’ll have to be on your site. How do they get there ? By using google or more specifically social networks. That’s why we are developping pinterest in order to give you the tools to grow your community using this media.

What’s pinterest ?

Pinterest is a site where you can only find pictures. People share image and there is thing like a retweet with which you can send again this picture with another account. It will go there and here forever till there is someone to pin your pictures. That sound interesting ? It is ! You don’t have to work too hard to get your pin to get shared using a repin. Knowing that a pin will stay on pinterest forever… you understand the logic behind the process !

What type of content do you share on pinterest ?

Pictures ! You can’t share another thing that isn’t a picture on this social network. That’s why you’ll have to make nice pictures. We don’t want to share useless pictures. As what you share on your blog / site / other social networks you need to give people value to make them follow you or share your content. That’s why we will use pinterest to convey a message.
We won’t share a lot of pictures. We will make pictures mostly to share a text. This tex twill be the title of your articles. The goal here is to make people open the pin. That’s why you must create an amazing title for your articles. People who will see it will open it. They will get to your website where you’ll ask for their mail and transform them to a recurrent viewer.
So… you know that you have to share content like this :

There is a background, a title and that’s it.

How do you make these pictures

  1. You're a pro at paint and make them by yourself
  2. You use canva
Canva makes it easy to make amazing pictures to share on pinterest. You can use the free templates and change the text and pictures to make a bunch of illustrations. It create an amazing render which you can share on pinterest to convey more views.

To share pictures on pinterest
You don’t need to be a pro anymore to make great illustrations. That’s easy ! Just log in to canvas with your google account and start making your own pictures. Keep in mind that you have to include these pictures in your articles. So just use it as the first picture before the title. Or replace the title with it ! It’s much better to have a graphic title than a basic one.
The better is that you can do all of this for free. Canvas is a free tool that will give you lots of opportunities by creating your content easily.

What’s the best strategie to conquer pinterest with your content.

First, what type of content do you need to produce ?

  1. Article titles on pictures - attract viewers
  2. Quotation
  3. infographics - don't bother making them, repin those which exists

Don’t share only pictures witout an informational part ! Only use them to convey emotions with texts. Using text is way more effective than basic pictures depending on your  segment. You don’t  want to share useless content as it won’t get repin. You are only here to show people what you can do ! What you can give them. That’s why they will folow you !
Always keep this metric on your head : If you don’t like what you are producing, don’t share it. You’re the first one that need to be satisfied with your product. If you don’t use your product, your pictures… then don’t share them. That’s all !

The next time you’ll view your content as something that you will use. If you can use it properly, that’s amazing. 

mardi 21 mars 2017

My favorite quote

If you're not first you're last
This quote is the reason why I'm leaving nothing to hasard. It shows what I want and why I can't give up to a subject that matter to me. I don't use this quote for every aspect of my life. I only use when it is related to business or project that I want to achieve. Indeed, if I'm not the first, then I'm the last one. That's what keep boucing in my head, over and over till madness takes his place there.

dimanche 19 mars 2017

Your problem as a blogger, social influencer, marketer... Our goal !

Who am I ? What are we aiming for ?

Hey guy's ! Today it's the rebirth of this site. One day it was about "how to learn faster" and "boost your mind". Now it's going to be something else. Something to help you out to find the best strategy as a blogger, marketer, social influencer and much more. I'm not going in the detail here as you'll find a load of content here to help you push toward your goal. Here, we are all building websites, following or mail list. We all want to make our dream come true : Change our blog to our job, build an influence or share our point of view.

Captain ! Here we got a problem !

As you, I want to have an influence toward my followers. But before coming to this point there is a long road to follow ( pun intended ). I want to build my blog, to transform it into a cash machine. That's why I planned everything that will go on here for the next 3 months. I'm already on rail to build my product and maybe sell it to you. During the process I'll show you everything ! 

How will build a product ? 
What will this one do ? 
How can you do the same ?
How will I build the audience ? 
How will I use this audience to share my product ?

During this travel you'll learn all how to use all the gears to build your own business or blog if you want to. Now everything is up to you ! Maybe you'll want to go away and try your own things or follow this blog which will teach you the basics upon building an online cash-machine.

The first problem we have to tackle is that there is a lot of fishes in the ocean. We want to fish them out. But not every fish. To fish some fishes you have to know which fish you want to fish. Pretty clear ?

I want to fish particular people. Those who are trying to build their network. It's up to me to know what my fishes prefer, what they want to do, what is their problem and how to solve it...

It's my job. I'm not here to catch them. I want to give fishes what they want in exchange off their money. That's how it work ! In this world you are either a fisherman or a fish. Does it makes sense ?

You can be a fish for someone but still be a fisher who's feeding other fishes. It's the jungle's law. Only the strongest will survive in the end. Keep reading, we aren't at the end. Neither I or you will be eaten alive by other humans in the next decade.

Solving the problem : Getting an audience

As we saw it : you have to get ready to fish ! First you have to attract them using something they love : Informational content. You shall give it to them for free. Information is common wealth nowadays. You can find everything you want on the internet. It's why you can give away your knowledge for free. What you can sell is something people can't get for free. You can sell automation, cheat sheets, seminars... You can sell whatever you are making till it solve someone problem.

For now I'm not selling anything here. I'm just building the mail list. I want to fish people who wants to build their social following or blog. To do this I'll share with them the way I'm building my list. Of course, you have no reason to trust me more than my competitors. To make it clear I don't even know them. I didn't search for this information even if I can find for free in less than 5 seconds.

Anyway. You want to get an audience. You want to get people to listen to you. You may have different reason and I'm not there to judge you. Maybe you want to make money, maybe you want to share photos of your cat. There is clearly no problem as everyone can get their content viewed by the mass.

Our goal

Our goal is to help you reach your future audience. I will teach you my way to do it. I'll teach the many way to get followers for each social media. I'll develop each strategy in a funny way using different characters. You'll just have to choose your strategie and play the game using it. No more, no less.

Don't worry if you don't understand all of this today. You'll have a long road to get a sucessfull blog. Just keep doing your work the longer you can ! The longer, the better.

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