dimanche 19 mars 2017

Your problem as a blogger, social influencer, marketer... Our goal !

Who am I ? What are we aiming for ?

Hey guy's ! Today it's the rebirth of this site. One day it was about "how to learn faster" and "boost your mind". Now it's going to be something else. Something to help you out to find the best strategy as a blogger, marketer, social influencer and much more. I'm not going in the detail here as you'll find a load of content here to help you push toward your goal. Here, we are all building websites, following or mail list. We all want to make our dream come true : Change our blog to our job, build an influence or share our point of view.

Captain ! Here we got a problem !

As you, I want to have an influence toward my followers. But before coming to this point there is a long road to follow ( pun intended ). I want to build my blog, to transform it into a cash machine. That's why I planned everything that will go on here for the next 3 months. I'm already on rail to build my product and maybe sell it to you. During the process I'll show you everything ! 

How will build a product ? 
What will this one do ? 
How can you do the same ?
How will I build the audience ? 
How will I use this audience to share my product ?

During this travel you'll learn all how to use all the gears to build your own business or blog if you want to. Now everything is up to you ! Maybe you'll want to go away and try your own things or follow this blog which will teach you the basics upon building an online cash-machine.

The first problem we have to tackle is that there is a lot of fishes in the ocean. We want to fish them out. But not every fish. To fish some fishes you have to know which fish you want to fish. Pretty clear ?

I want to fish particular people. Those who are trying to build their network. It's up to me to know what my fishes prefer, what they want to do, what is their problem and how to solve it...

It's my job. I'm not here to catch them. I want to give fishes what they want in exchange off their money. That's how it work ! In this world you are either a fisherman or a fish. Does it makes sense ?

You can be a fish for someone but still be a fisher who's feeding other fishes. It's the jungle's law. Only the strongest will survive in the end. Keep reading, we aren't at the end. Neither I or you will be eaten alive by other humans in the next decade.

Solving the problem : Getting an audience

As we saw it : you have to get ready to fish ! First you have to attract them using something they love : Informational content. You shall give it to them for free. Information is common wealth nowadays. You can find everything you want on the internet. It's why you can give away your knowledge for free. What you can sell is something people can't get for free. You can sell automation, cheat sheets, seminars... You can sell whatever you are making till it solve someone problem.

For now I'm not selling anything here. I'm just building the mail list. I want to fish people who wants to build their social following or blog. To do this I'll share with them the way I'm building my list. Of course, you have no reason to trust me more than my competitors. To make it clear I don't even know them. I didn't search for this information even if I can find for free in less than 5 seconds.

Anyway. You want to get an audience. You want to get people to listen to you. You may have different reason and I'm not there to judge you. Maybe you want to make money, maybe you want to share photos of your cat. There is clearly no problem as everyone can get their content viewed by the mass.

Our goal

Our goal is to help you reach your future audience. I will teach you my way to do it. I'll teach the many way to get followers for each social media. I'll develop each strategy in a funny way using different characters. You'll just have to choose your strategie and play the game using it. No more, no less.

Don't worry if you don't understand all of this today. You'll have a long road to get a sucessfull blog. Just keep doing your work the longer you can ! The longer, the better.

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